Norwegian and Nordic proptech companies have built a reputation for strong data-driven technology and solutions that can deliver real value for real estate in an increasingly ESG-driven economy. The proptech ecosystem is attracting earnest scrutiny from specialized global VCs. Is proptech becoming a strategic investment segment in its own right for Nordic VCs? How do they work to stack up on deep tech insight and qualified due diligence? And how can they attract the top proptech startups who can cherry-pick Nordic and global VCs?

At this closed breakfast discussion, Proptech Norway and Construction City Cluster, invites defining Nordic VCs, real estate companies and proptech companies to share insights about venture in Nordic proptech.



Janne Aas-Jacobsen, CEO, Consigli AS. What an attractive proptech startup looks for in a VC?

Stian Juul Bøe Sørensen, NREP. The NREP sustainability approach to VC.


Nicole LeBlanc, partner, 2150. The Nordic proptech moment, and how 2150 invests in sustainablity and real estate.

Lightning round:

How we approach Norwegian proptech: Reflections from Ferd, Arkwright X and Alligate

How professional capital changed our perspective: Håvard Bell, CEO, Catenda.

We will of course also serve you a healthy breakfast, warm and cold with fresh juice and strong coffee. Welcome!

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